User authentication mode

User authentication mode provides a seamless experience for the business and for the customer across all your devices. It offers continuity across web, iOS and Android platforms to keep customer interaction in the same thread.

How it works

Find secret key by going into Settings in your HelpCrunch account, find User Authentication Mode paragraph and copy your secret key.

Use generated secret key to calculate customer digital signature. This task should be done on the server – secret key should be kept private.

PHP example:

hash_hmac('sha256', '<user_id>', '<your secret key>');
Python example:'<your secret key>', '<user_id>', hashlib.sha256).hexdigest();

Initiate user authentication mode from SDK. It can be done during SDK initialization or using user update method. See examples for different platforms: iOS, Web.

Uniqueness of user identifier

User_id attribute must be unique within the same organization. If you have different user bases you can combine users using email as user_id. To divide users use unique prefix per application or id from database.